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    Yoga School: Our First Post

    This is our first Post.

    Perhaps an opportunity to stand on the ‘soap box’, publish some thoughts and share knowledge, (but also learn from our readers) with our yoga students and anyone who finds their way to our website.

    So what do you write in your first Post?

    I thought I would start with a bit of history as to how I became part of the Kuring-gai Yoga School.

    1994  I first attended classes with Margaret North, the then owner and founder of the Yoga School. I must have got a flyer in my letter box and thought as I am new to Pymble, and was not sure where to continue my yoga classes, I would give it a go.

    My first impression was not only relief to have found a yoga class so close to my home, but Wow! What a fantastic yoga class it was, full of all the classical yoga postures, pranayama, and meditation and intermittent, cleverly included snippets of Philosophy. I felt like I had found a place I could really feel comfortable and at ease ( just like all the postures with ease and comfort).

    I became so inspired with the classes,  I attended 3 a week and managed to do this easily around my full time work. I started to feel a transformation starting to take place.

    What I noticed about the Yoga school is that the teachers, not only Marg, were so sharing and open with their knowledge. They were caring and honest and they had so much energy which was fantastic to see. The other students in the classes were also very friendly and getting to know the regular students in your classes was a bonus too, even though as soon as the classes started we all felt like we were the only ones in the room.  We learnt to practice in a way that we were oblivious to what anyone else was doing… except our teacher.

    So in 2001 I was thinking to study further at University and I was considering a MA in Education, and then I had an idea that I needed to learn more Yoga Philosophy and so I began my  IYTA Teacher training Course and my real Yoga journey began to take shape. I graduated in 2003 and had been teaching with Kuring-gai Yoga School ever since.

    I hope to include and share the knowledge I am collecting along the way and I also expect my yoga colleagues will be very pleased to post too. So…… let’s enjoy this new adventure.




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  • Posted by Margaret North on August 22, 2013, 12:27 am

    What a joy it is to be around our students, such as our leader, Liz, was a while ago. Our joy as yoga teachers at the Kuringgai Yoga School comes from seeing people finding their potential … whether it is a fitter, stronger body, a calmer mind, and greater sense of wellbeing. All of that is obvious in the shining faces and goodwill that is palpable at the end of every one of our classes. I and each of our colleagues just love what we do to allow the benefits of yoga to work wonders for our beautiful students. Margaret

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