• 13 SEP 13
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    On Retreat!

    On Retreat!

    As we set off this afternoon to Bundanoon on our Yoga Retreat, I found a wonderful verse written by Margaret North, that is so fitting for us as we start our journey!

    I am there, yet not there- in myself, yet out of myself, in my consciousness, yet in my unconsciousness, being, doing, sharing, feeling the offered beauty of the clouds in the sky, the grass under the feet, the greenness and the gold of life’s experiences.

    I am looking outwards at the beauty around and the beauty within me and touching,  ‘holding hands’ with the beauty of others. Such beauty is often shyly concealed, hard to find at first, yet hours – or is it days or is it minutes later- these beautiful souls connect with my soul and holding hands, we commune together in perfect harmony.

    Margaret North

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