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    Why Yoga with Kuring-gai Yoga ?

    Why Yoga with Kuring-gai Yoga ?

    Why Come to classes with the Kuring-gai Yoga School ?

    1. Our Yoga Teachers are qualified and experienced, meaning each class is designed with a purpose and a goal.

    2. We teach safely, modifying for special needs… this is how yoga should be taught, with safety.

    3. We teach classical Hatha yoga which ensures the whole body, mind and soul is attended to.

    4. Kuring-gai yoga is registered with the  IYTA,  the professional association for yoga teachers.

    5. All of our teachers have a wealth of experience. We attend worshops to continue our personal and professional growth.

    6. We teach in a non threatening environment.

    7. We are inclusive to all abilities and are willing to help new students feel at ease.

    8. There is flexibility in attendance which means if you miss your regular class you can make it up in another.

    9. We include Breathing (pranayama),  Deep relaxation and Meditation and philosophy in daily classes.

    10. Our teachers love what they do. Teaching yoga brings them joy, this ensures your experience is positive.

    11. Each class is structured and planned so there is a transition from each posture to the next.

    12. Fee payments can be made via paypal, eft, cash or cheque, ease of payment is important.

    13. We register with health funds who recognise yoga in their health care packages.

    14. Our students are dedicated to the yoga practice and are welcoming to new students. We are all friendly

    15. We offer all yoga props for classes and offer mats for sale at reasonable prices.

    16. Kuring-gai yoga offers workshops and retreats on a regular basis.

    17. Your body will become strong and flexible, your mind will become still and your whole life will enter a stress free zone.

    18. We have men in classes! Yoga is not just for ‘ the chicks’.

    We want to make your experience positive, we think we do this and we will continue to serve you all in good faith.


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