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    Inner work out

    Inner work out

    Often we over look in our New Year resolutions how important it is to over haul our inner health. We are so pressured to believe that losing weight is the only way to increase fitness.

    There is so much more to general well being than a diet. It is easy to forget about the person inside the body, our inner being,  the part of each of us that no one else see, the inner self needs attention too !

    Remember that finding happiness and maintaining balance in our lives means a commitment to nurturing ourselves must be made.

    An all round Yoga way of life, with good nutrition, a regular routine of yoga body, mind and soul will definitely provide the inner workout required.

    Here are some simple things to do to start your inner workout:

    1. Sit comfortably and watch your breath for 5 minutes each day.
    2. Take a mindfulness walk in nature for 10, 15, 30 minutes or as long as you can ( no earphones for music, just listen to the sounds of nature), whenever you can.
    3. Make time each day to stretch and move the body gently.
    4. Attend a yoga class each week for that guided experience that only a teacher can bring.
    5. Start your reflective journal, write down all the positive things about yourself and your life.
    6. Make the preparation of your evening meal a meditation in itself by looking at the colours, observing the aromas as you chop and prepare the foods, feel the textures in your mouth as you enjoy your meal.

    No time to waste……. start your inner workout right now.


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