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    Be Kinder to yourself: 13 Ways!

    Be Kinder to yourself: 13 Ways!

    I  recently found an  article about ‘13 ways to be kinder to you’   in the Australian Yoga Journal.


    This is a great Mag and has some great articles.

    Let me share with you the 13 points that were noted in this story. Firstly though,  a quote from Dr Rick Kausman, the director of the Butterfly foundation , a fellow of the Australian society for Psychological Medicine and the author of    If Not Dieting, Then What?   

    ” A skill to use to be the healthiest we can be is self Compassion…. research shows that if we can be kinder to ourselves then we tend to look after ourselves better. We will do things that will help us look after ourselves better rather than punish ourselves or set ourself goals that are impossible to achieve.”

    Consider the following points to be kinder to yourself…..

    1. Quite the negative talk
    2. Take a nap
    3. Say No ! to worry
    4. Look in the mirror (make friends with yourself and what you see)
    5. Spend time alone
    6. Say No! to guilt
    7. Say No! to anger
    8. Connect with nature
    9. Don’t beat your up
    10. Have a Technology free day
    11. Say No! to envy
    12. Be grateful
    13. Treasure the little things in life.

    None of these points are ‘rocket science’ and so easy to include in your life.



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  • Posted by Anton on July 20, 2014, 6:39 pm

    Thanks for finally writing about > Be Kinder to yourself:
    13 Ways! | Kuring-gai Yoga Website < Loved it!

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    • Posted by Elizabeth on October 3, 2014, 7:53 pm
      in reply to Anton

      Glad you enjoyed the article. Ensure you put some of these ideas into practice.

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