• 01 MAR 14
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    Take some time to be Still…. take the stillness challenge!

    Take some time to be Still…. take the stillness challenge!

    Every yoga class that I teach I remind my students to take some time to be still…. and in the context of the yoga session this is all about coming into the yoga space and just becoming present. Focus on the breath and start to look inwards. Sound familiar?

    Let’s now try to include this kind of stillness into our lives outside the yoga room. Yoga in action is about transporting these things from class to daily life. It is possible if you just keep it simple.

    Can you sit for 5 minutes on a chair, on a cushion or even on your bed?  Can you focus on your breath for these 5 minutes and watch the flow of the breath and notice how it slows and becomes rythmic? Can you fix your gaze on a beautiful object, a candle flame or even close the eyes and look into your inner light ?

    Can you start to feel a lightness and a peacefulness as you allow yourself to surrender your fears and anxieties, and can you begin to notice the softness within as you allow the clutter to either be discarded or re organised ?

    You may even notice that what you thought was 5 minutes has expanded into 10 minutes.

    Go on… give it a go. Every day! Take the stillness challenge.


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