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    The Tree of Yoga

    The Tree of Yoga

    As I write this morning looking out of my office window.. I notice all the wonderful trees expanding toward the sky and it reminds me of some words from B.K.S Iyengar book The Tree of Yoga: the definitive guide to yoga in daily life.

    ” When you grow a plant you first dig the earth, remove the stones and weeds, and make the ground soft. Then you put the seed into the ground and surround it with the soft earth so carefully that when the seed opens it will not be damaged by the weight of the earth. Finally, you water the seed a little and wait for it to germinate and grow. After one or two days, the seed opens into a seedling and a stem grows from it. Then the stem splits into two branches and produces leaves. It steadily grows into a trunk and produces branches in various directions with many leaves”

    As I reflect on this story,  what if we consider ourselves just like the seed that needs nurturing and care. We need to have the right conditions to grow and mature to become a well rounded, contented and happy person.

    Yoga can help us find strength, endurance, lightness, flexibility, freedom and enlightenment…. and so much more. Yoga not only assists to keep our bodies strong and healthy, but also helps our minds to find stillness and peacefulness.

    All we need to do is find the right environment in which to grow!

    Have a great week dear yoga friends.



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  • Posted by Jan land on September 18, 2015, 8:03 am

    Good morning Liz,
    Thank you for such a lovely and thought provoking message to start the day.
    Take care and go gently,

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