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    Finding Inner Peace…. Continued

    Finding Inner Peace…. Continued

    This week I offer a continuation of how you may find Inner Peace. Adapted by an article in the Yoga Journal. Enjoy this post and try to implement as many of these strategies as possible.

    6. Rethink negative emotions

    Your negative emotions create depressing reality. You shouldn’t let negative thoughts settle down in your mind because they are the ‘weeds’ that need to be completely removed to achieve total peace. Remember how fast the weeds grow in your garden? Negativity has a way of compounding and growing beyond what we thought was possible. Try to always focus on the positive instead.


    7. Follow your heart

    Following your heart means respecting your soul. If you cannot decide between two things, choose the one that your heart feels better about. You will never be wrong going with such option.

    Most people choose logic to heart. But logic is only a collection of our limited beliefs, it is not logical in itself. It is subjective.


    8. Control your mind

    You have a complete control over your mind. However, if you don’t control your mind, someone else will control it for you. It may be your friends, colleagues, media or someone else that will take over this precious asset.

    Always keep track of what your main thoughts are. You should think only about things you want to see in your life. You should never dwell on negative thoughts or indulge in negative emotions. This will only make things worse.


    9. Think positive

    Always think positively and allow only positive thoughts into your head. This way you will have a peaceful mind as there will be nothing left for you to worry about.

    It may be hard for you to keep thinking positively if you are surrounded by negative people or circumstances. It this is the case, try to block them out of your life as much as possible.

    I would advise to always keep the music player with you. As soon as you notice that something or someone affects you negatively, start listening to your favourite music. This way you will avoid any negative emotions impacting you.

    Reading self-help books is also a good idea because it distances your mind from the unpleasant reality. This way your future will be created not based on what you see, but on what you think about.


    10. Burn candles

    Candles in your home are so calming . As soon as you notice that you are starting to worry about something, light them. They will create a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere and make your mind peaceful too.


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