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    Inner Peace Activities….continued.

    Inner Peace Activities….continued.

    Another installment into how you may manage to find Inner peace. As I sit and think about these activities I know that it is a work in progress for me too, but at least I have a plan to work towards.

    11.Keep house tidy

    If you have a tidy home, you will have a peaceful mind. There is an exact correlation between these two.

    12.Get organised

    When you have clear goals and steps to take, there is no space left for random thoughts in your head. This creates assurance, confidence and a peaceful mind.

    If you have a home office, you should always clear your desk and have only essential bits and pieces that you use. The same applies to other rooms in your home.

    13. Plan your day

    Having a clear agenda for a day is a real time saver and it creates peaceful mind. You feel purpose behind everything you do and you become more effective since deadlines keep you focused on important tasks.

    Planning your day in advance also makes you disciplined and more committed to everything you do.

    14. Avoid arguments

    Once you are on a certain level of consciousness, arguing seems plainly pointless. It just hurts both sides and lowers the stillness considerably.  Arguing ruins your mood. No peace can be found in a person full of hatred and anger.

    15.Understand mind chaos

    To eliminate every possible reason for chaos in your mind, you firstly need to understand the cause of such chaos. Why does it happen? Here are some reasons:

    Negative thinking. Negative thinking leads to negative emotions and thus your mood gets ruined.

    Negative surroundings. It can include sad, depressed and disillusioned people and places.

    Listening to others. People who listen to others views and opinions often become confused. Trust in your own judgments, listen to yourself and only seek others opinions if you truly feel it will not create tension.

    Living in messy surroundings. As I have mentioned before, chaotic surroundings equal chaotic mind.

    16.Throw away useless things

    Things that you don’t use or rarely use serve only one purpose. They are there to create chaos in your mind. By eliminating all of the things that you don’t use you will create space for a peaceful mind.

    After such a clean-up you will feel empowered and creative. This is all because you have taken back the energy that those things were consuming.

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