• 10 SEP 14
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    Letting Go! What’s in a number?

    White lily

    Today marks the beginning of a new era at Kuring-gai Yoga. We have spent some time getting the new website up and active and part of that process was the need to change the phone number that has been ours for over 30 years!
    Letting go of that phone number was difficult as it was part of who we were and how we were recognised.

    So today, in fact 30 minutes ago I called the provider and cancelled! Wow, I feel like a weight has lifted… as I have resisted this change for many years now.
    Moving on and letting go is always a challenge whether in business or in personal life matters.
    This short post is just a reminder to myself and perhaps to you that there are times to just let things go, move forward and create a new path. Certainly there is a little fear of the unknown and uncertainty but transformation and change can also bring new energy and exciting times ahead.
    Thanks for letting me share with you and perhaps provide some inspiration for you too if you need to let something go!

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  • Posted by Janine on September 13, 2014, 1:46 pm

    Inspiring message,hope I am able to let go of things in my wardrobe

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    • Posted by Elizabeth on September 11, 2015, 2:26 pm
      in reply to Janine

      Letting go of material things is possibly easier than letting go of distractions of the mind and little worries that really we cannot change or have any control over. Hope the clutter in the wardrobe has disappeared!

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