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    We all need to stretch… but why?

    We all need to stretch… but why?

    Benefits of Stretching

    • Decreases injuries
    • Helps you loose weight
    • Reduces stress
    • Improves posture
    • It feels good

    It is also a most effective way of exploring ourselves and our inner states. When you stretch, if you pay attention the flood of sensory feedback is so strong that you will not be able to think of anything else. Sound familiar?

    It is meditative.

    Further to this, after a stretching session is complete we tend to feel a sensation of closure and completeness, a sense of calm, balance and complete satisfaction. This is how we feel after our yoga practice and one of the many reasons that stretching is included in a balanced yoga session.

    To become more flexible the muscles, nerves and fascia, need to stretch. How?

    • Relax into a stretch
    • Avoid anxiety
    • Use the breath to relax tension from the stretching muscle.

    This is known as the Contract – Relax (C-R) approach

    Kit Laughlin(1999): Stretching & Flexibility

    In a balanced Yoga class as you know, we work the body through many stretches to lengthen various muscle groups, taken slowly with the conscious breath… a fantastic combination

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