• 29 DEC 14
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    Moving Forward to the New Year: 2015

    As we farewell 2014 and welcome the new year, it is time to reflect on the year that has past ! Or is it more useful to turn your attention to the future and generate the positive energy for what lies ahead?

    I guess there is no right answer, we are all on a different journey and it is often very useful to reflect on the  past. Perhaps note the achievements, applaud yourself for the jobs well done and acknowledge the year for what it was.

    Yoga teaches us many things and from the Yoga Sutras (Patanjali: 11.32) we discover Samtosa (or Santosa) which invites us to cultivate positive thinking, acceptance, a humble and serene satisfaction.

    This thread (Sutra) of wisdom can be used in the context of the new year by saying to yourself…”Yes, I am happy with what the year has brought me, it was a good year and I am content with the outcomes”. or ” the year we are leaving was challenging, not everything went my way, but I am sure that next year will be fantastic!”

    So, when the bell chimes to bring in 2015 cultivate positive thoughts and create a year that you will be happy to applaud at the beginning of 2016.



    Happy New Year!!

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