• 14 JAN 15
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    Are You Ready for Yoga?


    For your better health and wellbeing.

    Let’s hope that you have all had a wonderful holiday break filled with joy and happiness.

    I noticed over the holiday period I became a little lazy, sleeping in a bit longer than I usually do and finding myself becoming a little sluggish.

    This happens to many of us as we take a break away from our usual regimes.

    It was important to recognize when relaxation time fuses into laziness. So, I started getting back into my regular regime of yoga: body, mind and soul. Best thing to do is get back onto the mat and get the body and mind back into the regime of Yoga.

    My lesson this holiday is to ensure that in future I do not take a holiday from my yoga practice.

    Remember, classes recommence from Monday February 2nd so you too can get back into the rythm of your own yoga routine.


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