• 08 FEB 15
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    Knock the ‘t’ off Can’t …. means we CAN

    Yoga meditation in park

    We often under estimate our true potential. Thinking that the ego must be kept under control and dwelling on negative thoughts and self doubt. Do you remember some years ago when The American President, Barack Obama in one of his presidential speeches told the world ‘Yes we CAN’ ?

    It took the American Nation into another level of confidence and it inspired many to think positive. The power of positive affirmations, it does work.

    So have started back to Yoga classes again this week and it is fantastic to see keen, motivated and happy people… in class, on the mat, checking in with their body, mind, breath and soul.

    So, thank you to all who return to classes and a big thank you to our new students too who have chosen to maximise their full potential to be happy, peaceful and well. You can and you will feel so much better for including Yoga into your life.

    Check out this link that reinforces that concept that Yoga is for everybody !   Ever age group, every size and shape, men and women……. http://www.decolonizingyoga.com/aging-yoga-body/

    Thanks for knocking the’t’ off Can’t because we all CAN !


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