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    40 days of Yoga Challenge

    40 days of Yoga Challenge

    40 days of Yoga Challenge

    As Cathy and I sat having a chat after a Saturday morning Yoga class, the idea of using social media as a way to encourage students of yoga to practice 1 yoga pose a day for 40 consecutive days was ‘born’.

    The concept of embedding a habit ( in this case a good one) is thought to take 40 days, as we were coming toward Easter and in the period of Lent it made sense to make this journey, together !

    So we got straight to work and have been since taking photos or ourselves; Cathy, Liz, Amanda, Rita, Lynne and I have been posting on Facebook and Twitter 1 pose per day.

    We are now in Week 3 of the challenge and more than half way toward the

    40 day target!

    Those who have visited the social media pages will notice that we are posting achievable poses, ones that we can all manage in some way and feel happy to just get on the yoga mat and have some fun.

    I am going to start posting these poses on the website Blog too, as I do understand that not everyone embraces Facebook! So stay tuned, subscibe to the Blog and you will also see these asanas as I have posted them.

    If you would like to join us on Facebook or Twitter just follow the link from the Website Home page, We would love to have you interact with us!

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  • Posted by Naomi Renshaw on January 7, 2020, 7:43 pm

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