• 29 MAR 15
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    #40daysofyoga Challenge

    #40daysofyoga Challenge

    Many of our students are not keen to embrace Facebook and we understand completely. I think Pip Bowmaker asked me how she could participate without Facebook and so the blog was the next best medium. Thanks Pip for the suggestion !

    So shall we start from the beginning of the challenge? A very good place to start, so here we go! Remember that if you are going to include this challenge into your day work slowly and safely and you may of course be keen to include more than one pose a day. We would love your feedback too…………


    salute          2015-02-21 12.01.00      2015-02-21 14.05.57        FullSizeRender (3)

    1. We started with the Salute to the Sun as the beginning of our Posts to Facebook as we it then could be used in addition to the posture included every day.
    2. Next we selected Cat/Cow pose.

    3. Then Downward Facing Dog.

    4. Up to standing to face the sun and breath in the life force.

    More to come soon.

    Liz and Cathy

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