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    #Meditatein20ways: Smooth Stone.

    #Meditatein20ways: Smooth Stone.

    There is a meditation technique to suit everyone and the goal of this series of posts is to provide an opportunity to find a method that suits you.

    A very lovely meditation that you may not have considered is the tactile handling of a smooth stone.

    The natural feel of the stone in your hand, your thumb perhaps gliding over the surface and feeling the texture of the stone.

    A walk along a beach will yield undoubtably a stone to claim as your own and one you can use in this practice.


    So let’s consider a couple of instructions.

    • Your posture again must feel comfortable, spine straight, seated on a chair or in Sukhasana ( easy cross legged posture)
    • Relax your shoulders and arms and rest your hands on the top of your legs.
    • Allow the smooth stone to rest in your palm, back of hand facing down and palm facing upwards.
    • Either close the eyes or keep them open.
    • Take awareness to your breath, slowly breath in and slowly breath out: conscious breathing, slow and steady.
    • Allow your thumb to caress the stone, feel it, become absorbed in its texture and be aware of nothing else except the sound of your breath and the feel of your stone.

    Let me know how you find this simple meditation practice over the next few days.

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