• 05 MAY 15
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    Today I offer another very beautiful way to take a meditation. My original plan for today’s offering has been put on hold until another day because I thought it appropriate to get out into the vibrant sunshine and Meditate in nature, especially after the rain!
    What will you need?

    1. A destination in mind – an easy place to go where you feel comfortable, relaxed and the place is conducive to enjoying the sunshine ( the backyard may be your choice), or the park near your office.

    2.  Perhaps a rug, a chair or a cushion so you can be comfortable.

    3. A point of focus, this could be something in the scene you are located it could be a leaf, a tree, the sand, the water, a piece of bark, the blue sky…… many options.
    So lets start!

    • Sit and be at ease, spine erect, posture easy and comfortable.
    • Take your attention to your breath and observe the natural ease of the inhalation and the exhalation. Relax and allow all the tension held in your body to release.
    • Feel the coolness in the nostrils as you inhale and the warmth of the breath as you exhale.
    • Start to become transfixed on your point of focus as this is an open eyed meditation you will have selected your focus.
    • Soften you gaze on your focal point and become aware of the shape, colour, textures. See the outlines and observe everything about your focus. Become absolutely absorbed and as you sit and gaze feel the warmth of the sun on your body and perhaps feel the light touch of the breeze around you.
    • When you are ready close the eyes and feel yourself in this stillness and perhaps still seeing the images of the beauty around you.
    • After a short time , slowly open your eyes. Enjoy a slower, deeper breath in and sigh the breath out.

    Just a wonderful way to enjoy a short meditation in nature.

    Are you looking for a little more instuction on some achievable Meditation techniques, tips and guidance.
    Do join me for:

    More Meditation Basics Saturday 16th May 1:30 – 3pm

    No prerequisites
    Facilitated by Liz Kraefft

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