• 12 MAY 15
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    Meditation does not have to be difficult! Working on your Meditation practice is often about finding something that resonates and works for you.

    Meditation can be active as well as inactive. We can be moving or we can be still. We can focus attention on a point of light, an object or focus on something we are doing!

    Todays Meditation is to focus your attention on the process of eating! Oh yes! we can definitely become absolutely engaged in a one pointed focus as we enjoy our breakfast (for example)or  choose a time of the day that works for you where there are minimal distractions. Perhaps your afternoon snack – eating your apple may work better for you. This is a mindfulness meditation so remember to explore the process of eating and do not rush.

    Lets get started:

    – Prepare your breakfast/lunch/snack or what ever you deem appropriate.

    – Find a comfortable place at your dining table, outdoors in the sun… you will know the best place.

    – Allow your breath to be relaxed.Look at your meal, observe the colours, notice everything you can about the appearance of the meal/snack you are about to    enjoy.

    – Take your first mouthful, bite etc.Slowly chew, crunch and explore the feelings of the food in the mouth. Swirl the food around in your mouth.

    – Notice how the texture changes as the food starts to mix with saliva. You will be more aware of the buildup of saliva in this state of heightened awareness.

    – Observe  and notice when the food is swallowed. How does this feel as the food leaves the mouth.

    – Start again with a new mouthful and repeat until you have finished.

    – Sit and close the eyes for a few more moments/minutes. Observe your breath and the feeling a stillness after the active component of this meditation.

    Remember, you must choose a time to take this type of meditation when you are by yourself, not when the family is around and you will be distracted.


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