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    #Meditate in 20 ways

    #Meditate in 20 ways

    Meditation with Mala Beads.

    The literal translation for Mala is Garland and are sets of beads used traditionally by  Hindus and Buddhists as part of their Prayer very similar to our Rosary Beads.

    Malas are used to keep count whilst reciting, chanting or mentally repeating  a mantra which is a practice known as Japa.

    Malas are typically made with 18, 27, 54 or 108 beads.

    As a tool for Meditation Mala Beads are quite useful to maintain a point of focus while you sit and breath.

    1 breath in and out representing 1 bead and so you may count your Mala for the full 108 beads or for a shorter amount of time using  less beads.

    How to hold the Mala Beads.

    Holding in the right or left hand and starting with the Guru Bead ( the larger bead) , drape the Mala over the finger ( index , middle, ring or little)  and use the thumb to either move the next bead towards or away from you after the completion of the breath, recitation of your chant.

    Take a hold the beads between the thumb and one of the fingers, depending on your personal preference and also  the different fingers have varying acupressure points which may provide additional psychic benefits. ( we can explore this on another post)

    Eg., Index finger: Jupiter Finger – Wisdom, Knowledge, Prosperity

    Middle Finger : Saturn finger –  Patience

    Ring Finger: Sun Finger – Health, Vitality, Strengthen the nervous System

    Little Finger: Mercury Finger– Communication, Intellegence.


    So, why not give the Mala Meditation with the breath a try, seated as always comfortably with the spine straight and in a quite place where you can focus your attention on the breath, the Mala Beads and the Present Moment.

    In posts to come I will be suggesting some Mantras to accompany the Mala Beads.

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