• 11 SEP 15
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    Come out and Play

    Come out and Play

    In the last week we have started the process of ‘Spring Cleaning’…. sweeping away the cobwebs that have accumulated over the winter period and getting that sense of ‘coming out to play’!

    Winter for many of us is a time of hibernation and the wrapping up in warm clothes as a protection from the cold is also a way of finding comfort and solace. I love waving au revoir to Winter!!! I love warm weather and  feel so much more energised and inspired as the earth warms.

    So as the earth is warming the soil and all the little seeds underground know that this is their chance to grow! I have been watching this in my own garden and have observed the progress of the nasturtiums. Last week there were 4 flowers and today as I write there are 9!

    During the months ahead we put our jumpers away and we bring out our shorts, summer dresses and wear our sandals and swimming ‘cossies’, we offer ourselves to the sun, sand and fun of Summer! So I hope you will ‘Come out to Play’ a little more often and enjoy more time on the yoga mat!

    I share a Poem for Summer……

    Gone – the cold mornings and heavy blankets.

    Gone – the thick jumpers and warm socks.

    Gone – the winter soups and comfort food offerings.

    Gone – the feeling of just wanting to stay at home in bed!

    Now –  the urge to jump up and get going early

    Now  – the need to bundle up the winter clothes and get them out of sight.

    Now –  the eating of salads and exotic summer fruits reign supreme.

    Now – we feel the potential to open up like a flower to the sun.

    Now – is summer….. 

    at last!!!


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