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    Do you think that I could ‘do’ Yoga?

    Do you think that I could ‘do’ Yoga?

    A question I am so often asked by people I meet as I go about my daily life.

    ” I am not flexible….is yoga something that I could do”?

    The answer, “YES”!

    Let me reassure every one who has ever asked this question, that Yoga is not only about the body being able to bend and stretch! The body work is one dimension of what Yoga can deliver you.

    Yes, we certainly build flexibility over time….but we also look at strengthening the body in various Asana (postures).

    We learn to breath with various techniques and we use the conscious breath,  (noticing  the movement of the breath in and out of the lungs) as a way to relax…. mindfulness!

    Guess what? Muscles will relax even more if we use the power of the breath to assist in this release of tension.

    The student new to Yoga starts slowly to realise that there  is more to the  practice than  increasing flexibility, it is a systematic approach to help the body find strength, power, lightness, flexibility and ease as the mind also learns to slow down and  find stillness and calm, peace and tranquility…. amongst the many challenges of the modern world.

    Yes, yoga is for everybody! Not competitive and very adaptable to everyone’s special needs.

    Don’t hesitate to join us and try for yourself.



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