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    Festive Yoga Practice.

    Festive Yoga Practice.

    This time of the year we do often get out of step of our regular routines and this means our healthy lifestyle regime ( what ever that is for you ) is put on hold.

    Very simply; that is fine! we all need a break from the usual habits and routines, but it is possible to modify your Yoga practice by tweaking a few things.

    Tips for Your  Festive Yoga Practice

      * Write down a little plan of what you would like to include as part of your personal practice. This is simply a matter of noting some Yoga stretches and Postures that you enjoy. Perhaps could include a little time limbering, breathing with awareness on your mat and gentle movements…. like we do in our classes before we start getting into the postures.

    * Select the most enjoyable to you so you look forward to getting onto your yoga mat, ( select your favourite things )The amount of time you spend should be achievable. 10 – 15 minutes would be perfect.

    *Choose the best time of the day. Morning or afternoon let it work for you.

    *Go out doors! if you are having a beach holiday, why not take your regime to the sand and enjoy the fresh air or even if you are at home the deck or the back yard is also perfect.

    *Spend some time taking a little Yoga Nidra or Deep Relaxations. Play some of your favourite gentle music and get comfortable to relax.

    *listen to your body If you feel like have a day off doing anything then this is really what you need. Sometimes a gentle walk is all that is required.

    *Recruit a friend, it is great to share with a  friend or family member your practice so it becomes a little fitness thing you can do together. This can be so much fun that you end up laughing for the whole 15 minutes which in itself is so very good for you!!!

    Have a wonderful break and keep yourself well, safe and happy.



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