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    #ABC of Yoga #2

    #ABC of Yoga #2

    Like any area of learning and knowledge whether academic, vocational or skills and practically based there is always terminology and ‘language’ that is linked and related to the specific area of learning.

    In food, the language is French, in Medicine the language is Latin…. in Yoga we look toward Sanskrit and the Indian Language.

    So it is quite difficult in a short blog post to select the ABC’s of Yoga as there are many important terms in every letter of the alphabet. However, I will continue and today we look at ‘B’

    So I thought I would start off with a very sacred text:

    Claimed to be the very first Yoga Text!

    B is for :

    The Bhagavad Gita

    This text takes the form of a dialogue between the prince Arjuna and Krishna, the Bhagavad Gita explores mankinds spiritual dilemmas and examines the various pathways to salvation: through enlightenment and Knowledge (Jnana), through right action(karma) and through loving devotion (Bhakti). All of these concepts in their own right a huge area of study for the keen Yoga Student. This book is often studied by scholars who are not studying Yoga but more Philosophy, Arts, Literature and Religion.

    At times a challenging read but when the time is right well worth the effort.


    B is also for 2 Pranayama (breathing Practices) …


    Bhastrika Pranayama – bellow breath  This breath is very energising and uplifting and heat generating. The lungs replicate bellows ‘stoking the fire’ and in yogic terms we consider this breathing practice as a method of stoking the ‘internal fire’ creating physical and pranic heat. Of course this breath strengthens the lungs considerably but should not be practiced during hotter weather.

    Bhramari Pranayama – humming bee breath.  This breath is more calming and soothing, used before meditation to clam the mind and balance the nervous system. The ears are blocked with fingers and the inhalation is taken through the nose and the exhalation is audible as you ‘hum’ the full length of the exhalation. Very restful.

    Learn more about these 2 breathing practices here

    Would love to hear about some of your experiences with any of the above B’s of Yoga!!!





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