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    #ABC of Yoga

    #ABC of Yoga

    Happy New Year!

    Let’s get started with a new theme of blog posts to start the year off in an informed way.

    Yoga is an ancient practice and is a huge area of study, so for this forum some basics will perhaps plant the seed for further enquiry.

    Starting from A  and working our way to Z.


    A is for Asana.

    Historically Asana is a seated position and in Sanskrit means literally ‘to sit down’. Today the word asana has evolved  to also denote a static physical posture which is used in the physical practice of yoga.

    Asanas ( yoga asanas) can be seated, standing, lying (prone or supine). Asanas usually move the spine in various positions eg., forward, backward, twists, side bends.

    Asanas can challenge the balance or be taken in an inverted position eg, head stands, shoulder stands.

    Asanas make up only one component of a complete yoga practice and yoga lifestyle, but certainly is the most well known of yoga practices.


    A is for Ahimsa.

    ‘Cause no injury, do no harm’.

    Including Ahimsa in the first post is noteworthy as the yoga philosophy of ‘non harming’ is important to the practice. Non harming to others in actions, words, thoughts.

    Non harming to ourselves in all the ways we can potentially harm ourselves (and there are so many) is also included in Ahimsa!

    I like to encourage the practice of Ahimsa to be included in every Hatha Yoga class by being safe and kind to your body, by never bringing the ego into the physical asanas so there is never any risk of harming yourself.


    January in Yoga Classes start this Wednesday and Friday! Do Join us…… Liz



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