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    Nine Reasons to Love Mantras: by Dr. Kausthub Desikachar

    Nine Reasons to Love Mantras: by Dr. Kausthub Desikachar


    Among all of the tools that Yoga has to offer, one of the most intriguing is Mantra. Through the history of the Vedic culture and the Yogic tradition, Mantras have always played a very significant role in the path of personal transformation and spiritual liberation. Hence an aura of reverence and dignity always surrounds them, even to the present day.

    Yet, in their journey from antiquity to modernity, for various reasons known and unknown, they have become limited in scope and hence in practice. However, in recent times there seems to a renaissance in the openness people have towards their practice, prompting many to seek ways to begin their own personal journey with Mantras.

    At the same time, it is not uncommon to find people having a certain resistance to embarking on and sustaining this journey, as many forms of fears and questions surface. My own case mirrors such a circumstance.

    In my early years as a practitioner of Yoga, I had quite a severe resistance to the prospect of engaging with Mantras. The prospect of listening to my own voice was scary. This was further complicated with the dreadful fear of embarrassment. My sister was and still is a fabulous singer with a melodious and powerful voice. My pride feared that when I would open my mouth to sing or chant, I would instantly be compared with her. This apart, there were few other reasons that made me run away from the practice of Mantras, early on in my life.

    Yet as my own journey as a Yoga student has progressed, I have come to have a deep sense of appreciation and love for this fascinating form of practice. Not only have I learned to embrace it, but I have also come to respect it with great affection. The practice of Mantras has been my greatest ally and support, especially in the darkest period of my life. Using Mantra as an anchor, I have not only realised my limitations, but have also grown significantly to face my demons, make peace with them and move forward. In this manner Mantras have been, and continue to be a great teacher.

    While many technical reasons can be suggested as to why the practice of Mantras is so special, I share with you nine simple reasons why you should try it as well.

    Reason 9 | Anyone Can Do it

    Whether you are young or old, physically fit or unfit, religious or non-religious: there are really no restrictions for practicing Mantras. Even if you have lost your voice, you can repeat the Mantra mentally, and it will still be beneficial to you. For those people who fear religious content, there are always Mantras that connect to neutral themes like peace, fearlessness or more neutral symbols like the Sun, Moon etc.

    Reason 8 | It’s Fun

    Chanting mantras is fun. It usually makes us feel lighter every time we engage in it. Chanting in a group can also be a strongly bonding experience that connects people and is enjoyable!

    Reason 7 | It’s different from Music

    Many people stay away from Mantras because they had a bad experience with music classes in school. But Mantras are different from music. Music has many notes that are combined in an often difficult manner. Mantras on the contrary only have three notes. Music is about the performance, the way the music is expressed, therefore it stresses beautiful voices, an orchestra of instruments, etc. Mantras are not about performance or beautiful voices, they are only about the experience the person has while chanting.

    Reason 6 | It’s Elevating 

    When you chant Mantras the vibrations produced in the body are usually very elevating. They influence even our unconscious feelings and emotions that are usually suppressed and helps us find a way to let go of them in a subtle manner. They work very deep on our unconscious structures and are able to shift negativity and old patterns without even our realising or knowing. That is why chanting is so potent in elevating our spirits.


    Reason 5 | It’s Healthy

    The Vedic Tradition offers so many different Mantras. Some of them are healing Mantras that target ailments of body, emotions or mind. Mantras also make us feel more at peace and stable, which helps to cope with any disturbance that might arise. We also know that when the mind is calmer the body is usually functioning better, and hence more healthy.

    Reason 4 | It Relieves Stress

    The primary function of the mind is to hold something, to be engaged with something. That is why we can’t stop thinking. Most of the days our minds get engaged in stressful things: our job and difficulties in our families or with our friends. If you are stressed you will experience the same thoughts which repeatedly haunt you throughout the day. If you chant Mantras your mind will be forced to focus on something else, so you get rest from your other thoughts. Mantras carry strong positive energy that will also relieve stress and make you feel positive, strong and calm.

    Reason 3 |It Transcends the Mind

    Mantras provide energy in the form of syllables. By chanting these syllables we receive energy. A whole chant works in very complex ways on the different layers of our existence. You might experience different effects on a physical level, but also on an emotional or mental level. The great thing about Mantras is that you can’t always analyse what is happening, as the energetic impact is usually beyond the scope of the mind.

    Reason 2 | It’s subtle

    Mantras are one of the more subtle tools of Yoga. As we practice them they transform the quality of our mind and hence make us sensitive to more aspects of life. Our senses become  sharper and therefore our observation more subtle. Our mind becomes clearer and therefore our thoughts more refined.



    Reason 1 | It Connects us to the Heart

    Mantras bring us back to our heart. They take us back to the realm of emotions and deeper feelings. They connect us with that which is residing in the heart and bring us back to a place of peace, serenity and divinity.


    So, it is not just fun to practise Mantras, but also very useful.

    And for Yoga Teachers and Therapists, it’s even more important to engage in the practice of Mantras/Chanting.

    Why? The answer is simple.

    Mantras are among the most subtle yet powerful tools in healing and personal transformation. By altering the subtle vibrations in the body, Mantras have the capacity to change our physiological, psychological and spiritual structures in a positive manner to facilitate a positive therapeutic process. Mantras also have the capacity to create and nourish Prana, our  life force, and hence also facilitate longevity and vitality.

    The beauty of Mantras is that they can also be integrated into Asana, Pranayama and meditative practices very easily and effectively. This brings potency to these tools and further enhances their capacity to benefit the practitioner.

    These are some of the core reasons why Mantras were traditionally embraced by teachers, not just in their own practice, but also in their teaching to help students in their journeys.

    This is why traditional healers in the Vedic tradition were called ‘Mantrics,’ literally meaning ‘one who mastered mantras’. They effectively used Mantras in the healing process to help patients alleviate symptoms, sustain the challenging journey of personal transformation and also eventually reconnect with the spiritual core.


    Interested in learning more?

    Dr Kuasthub Desikachar visits Sydney in October for a seminar weekend that will focus on

    The Healing Sounds of Mantra

    20-23 October2016

    contact Liz@kuringgaiyoga.com.au for more details and a flyer

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  • Posted by Deb Robertson on April 14, 2016, 3:58 pm

    Hi Liz , lovely to see you and Janet in Buderim- could email flier to me and I’ll send it to a couple of students,
    And the participants list too, if poss.
    You may have done this, I’m having technology problems and will hand over my laptop for fixing next week!! Deb x

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  • Posted by Deb Robertson on April 14, 2016, 3:58 pm

    Hi Liz , lovely to see you and Janet in Buderim- could email flier to me and I’ll send it to a couple of students,
    And the participants list too, if poss.
    You may have done this, I’m having technology problems and will hand over my laptop for fixing next week!! Deb x

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