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    ABC of Yoga#4

    ABC of Yoga#4

    D is for Dandasana

    This seated asana is named after  a ‘staff’ or ‘straight rod’. So Dandasana is the Staff posture which focuses on keeping the spine aligned and as straight as a ….you guessed it…. a rod!                     The “staff” is, of course, the spine, the central axis of the body, also called the “Staff of Meru” (meru-danda), a reference to the mythical Mount Meru at the epicenter of the Hindu cosmos.

    We sit with legs outstretched at hip distance apart, spine erect, hands placed beside the tops of the legs on the floor and our chin is parallel to the floor. Our breath is long and slow and the chest is open and as we breath feel the movement of the rib cage. Relax your shoulders. This seated posture is the foundation for the many seated asana in the Yoga repetoire. It is disceptively strong as it requires strong abdominal and back muscles to stay upright.  See it here


    D is Drishti

    Drishti is the focus of the eyes in meditation. A focal point where one’s gaze lies to acquire a  concentrated focus. The goal… to find inner and outer balance. One actually does this to prevent distractions of the mind, but the focus should be looking inwardly and not concentrate on the physical object as such! This can be tricky but like anything practice is required.

    I like to use a Drishti focus during some yoga asanas too such as a hand in a mudra, a point of light on the other side of the room or even gazing down along the tip of my nose.

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