• 10 MAY 16
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    Today in our busy world, filled with distractions too many to even contemplate, it is easy to get caught up in the hype and mayhem of just existing! The continual information overload is driving us ‘over the edge’ and often we feel so agitated that we forget that we all need time to relax and have a break. Sadly, even when we are actually having a holiday we feel compelled to fill the days on the tourist trap and end up running for the plane or train to get that connection.

    If only we could get back the connection that we all intrinsically have to ourselves! An Inner Connection!

    If finding peace of mind were as simple just sitting still and staring out the window then most of us would have no problems with stress and overload. Relaxation is a skill to be learnt and practiced.

    What can we do and what are the things that we can include in our daily lives to live a life free of stress and chaos and one of more relaxation and ease?

    The Recipe follows: … as you know recipes are a guide only, be creative and modify to suit.

    Exhale: Learn to lengthen the exhalation of the breath and encourage the nervous system to become calm and quiet, which in turn relaxes the physical body. We have all heard someone offering the advice of ‘Breath out’….in times of discomfort. Why? Because It works!

    Focus your mind: when we are physically still our minds automatically want to wander, so focusing the mind on the breath, a yoga posture, a point of light in which to gaze ( like a candle) or the very popular colouring in activities can provide a concentrated distraction. There are so many other options too…. be creative and find what is useful for you.

    Turn down the volume: Don’t pump it up… unplug the TV, turn down the phone, dim the lights, minimise the social media and if you are feeling up tight and overloaded don’t visit the busy and noisy shopping centre. Instead create an environment of outer calm which will then be mirrored in calming your inner self.

    Foster Positive Thoughts: Invite peaceful thoughts to your mind. If we continue with negative self- dialogue we begin to create fear, anxiety and depression. We begin to believe our own negative thoughts. So uplifting positive affirmations in the face of a challenge may be hard to imagine, but give it a go. Manifest the positive outcomes you want to achieve in your life.

    Laugh out loud: How good do you feel after a big stress busting belly laugh! Call a friend who is good fun, watch a funny movie, do something silly and just laugh at yourself. There are even Laughter clubs you could seek out.

    Practice every day: Like any skill, we must practice. So do take some time every day to be in stillness, in a peaceful place and relax.




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