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    Food For Thought!

    Food For Thought!

    Food For Thought!  Get back to basics and ‘Stay in’ for a meal cooked with LOVE

    How do you feel about food? Do you love enjoying rather than creating? Do you have childhood memories of meals that were created with love by your Mother or Grandmother? Perhaps your emotional connection with food is troubled with poor experiences and negative emotional attachments that have left you with eating disorders or guilt. I hope not!

    Food is so central to our existence of course, but more and more we have become so surrounded by many varied dining choices and experiences, styles of cuisines etc that it gets difficult to navigate. We also often feel compelled to eat out more and more as we become busier and busier and therefore less likely to stay home and cook with love for ourselves and our families!

    Think back to those wonderful family events when the smell of baking filled the house and perhaps the sharing of Grandma’s special recipes was a familiar scenario! Have we lost this healthy connection with food?

    Food, like music can transport us back to days gone by when our lives were perhaps less complicated and less stressed! In the restaurant industry and the world of the professional chef, we are always aware of the construction of a menu and how important it is to have the right balance and variety of tastes, textures and temperatures. It is no fluke that a ‘good’  menu has a variety of offerings and why foods like potatoes, tomatoes, various cheeses, salty foods, cream based savoury sauces, mayonnaise derived sauces and sweet soft desserts such as those derived from custards and creams, feature so significantly.

    Fat cut Potato Chips with Aioli sauce as bar food or a side dish at the local Hotel are always popular, Varieties of Pasta served with tomato or a cream sauce … grated parmesan cheese accompanied by a Caesar Salad and with that classic anchovy/garlic mayonnaise!  Dessert?  What about a Creme Brûlée with the soft baked custard and the textured toffee to create that appealing crunch! Mmmmm! (so many more examples on these very basic ideas).

    Emotional food connections such as these…. And so many more, play an important role on menus because it is the simple food that takes us back to days gone by and even to a special place or an event. These experiences make us feel happy!
    The psychology of food is to try to connect the diner to positive feelings and perhaps feel transported to a time or memory of the past. I guess it is comfort food in a way!

    In yoga we always try to move forward and not get stuck in the past or be weighed down with negative thinking, but with food, if your experiences have been good we should savor these memories and begin to create positives in our own family.In our own kitchens.

    How? Creating in your own kitchen. Make the time to enjoy the fun in the cooking and don’t get confused by complicated recipes.The ‘better’ you get and the more confidence you acquire you will want to experiment with recipes, make your own variations and just enjoy ‘loosing’ yourself in the moment. Think about it as a mindfulness exercise!
    Cooking can be such a relaxing task so long as you are under no pressure! So get that apron on, schedule an afternoon of cooking and enjoy the process and the sharing of home made food…. cooked with LOVE!

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    Great article

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