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    Get Down! On the floor…that is!

    Get Down! On the floor…that is!

    When we think of sitting how many of us consider the floor and not the chair or the lounge? To us in western societies we have become so used to sitting on a chair that the thought of heading to the floor as an alternative is just not part of our mindset.

    Before chairs were invented humans sat on the floor, it was the natural thing to do and we performed so many daily tasks from this position. Cooking, eating, socialising, washing, even going to the toilette… all done close to the ground.

    As it turns out spending more time on the floor can have real benefits. People living in ‘floor cultures’ (Eastern Cultures) have more supple joints (knees and hips), stronger backs and overall much better posture. Not only are we sitting in chairs most of our days we are also dropping our heads and slumping our shoulders over our technology (computers, phones) compounding the Kyphosis (rounding) of the upper spine. This creates tension in the neck, shoulders and back.

    So let us all take the challenge! Try spending more time on the floor in kneeling, squatting and cross legged positions as we watch the TV, read our emails, play with the cat or read a book. It may feel strange at first but you will over time feel improvements as your joints loosen and you become stronger and more flexible.

    Take it slowly, a little longer each day and who knows you may decide to spend more time on the floor than on your chairs!

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