• 12 OCT 16
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    The Water dragon Story!

    The Water dragon Story!

    Yesterday I noticed a water dragon basking in the midday sun next to my swimming pool. I watched it as it extended its neck and turned his face toward the light and the warmth. He looked so calm and relaxed and I was so close I could see his eyes were closed.

    This gorgeous creature looking so in the present moment, so relaxed….drinking in the life force.

    As the weather warms we too are like the water dragon and seek to find a place of stillness, peace and warmth. We all seem to crawl out of hibernation and shed our ‘winter skins’ A time of renewal perhaps.

    Sadly, the peacefulness of this majestic creature was interrupted by my cats who spied him. They looked at him for ages before slowly approaching. He then gracefully slid into the pool where he knew he was safe and simply continued his private meditation! Not even seeming to be bothered.

    There are lessons for us here too! What could they be? 

    *Find a place of beauty and stillness to sit and reflect…. as often as you can.

    *Capitalise on every single moment available to be silent in contemplation. Unexpected opportunities will be presented to you so notice them as they ‘pop’ up.

    *Try to distance yourself from stress and anxiety as least once every day, even for 5 minutes.

    *As you sit in quiet reflection notice every single breath you take. Connect with it.

    *When you become distracted (just like the water dragon), move on past it….relocate and continue.

    *Let the light of the sun heal you as it penetrates into your deepest layers.


    So look around at the nature we are surrounded by and you will see wisdom everywhere. It is our job to keep connected with these little gems that present to us and perhaps we can emulate them.


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