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    Meditation! Think about Surfing!

    Meditation! Think about Surfing!

    So much to learn! So much information ‘out there’ and self help manuals about ….How to Meditate!

    This is a good thing of course but navigating and finding useful explanations and excerises can be daunting.

    I picked up one of my own books from my ever expanding library, a book I dip in and out of and found this Gem! Can I share it with you?


    Imagine yourself on a surfboard. Wait a little for the wave you want. Allow lesser waves to pass under you. (Opportunity must be embraced with your whole will, and not accepted with the thought that you may just as well ride one wave as another.)

    When the right wave comes along, stand on your surfboard with calm, joyful confidence and enthusiasm.

    Realise that you are being carried along by a wave, not by your own power. Your task, now, is to cooperate with the wave. But remember, cooperation requires active participation, not passive acquiescence.

    Don’t think about the beach toward which the wave is rushing. Don’t worry about how far you will rise. Twist, turn, dip and lift your board joyfully. At a certain point, enter the great curl of the wave as it crashes down upon itself.

    Affirm all the while, ” I am one with the wave, one with its sweeping movement, one with the entire ocean!”

    Meditation Exercise or not, this is life! This is the journey!

    Life can be our meditation!


    J. Donald Walters (1996): Superconsciousness A guide to Meditation


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