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    Look to this Life

    Look to this Life

    I was sorting out some of my books and notes that I have stored away… in fact ‘dumped’ in my garage. Now as I try to go through the many things I had collected from over 20 years of working in TAFE NSW, I came across this verse that I now remember I had in my office notice board! I always loved it and a good reminder of how each day is a gift and an opportunity to create a ‘vision of hope’

    I have provided a link to the Attributed Poet and perhaps you might like to read some of his other works. For me however, Look to this day, says it all!


    Look to this day,

    For it is life,

    The very best of life.

    The realities and verities of existence,

    The bliss of growth,

    The splendour of action,

    The glory of power-

    For yesterday is but a dream

    And tomorrow is only a vision,

    But today, well lived,

    Makes every yesterday a dream of happiness

    And every tomorrow a vision of hope.

    Look well, therefore, to this day.


    Sanskrit poem. Attributed to Kalidasa.


    Read more about Kalidasa

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