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    Start your Day Well!

    Start your Day Well!

    During holiday times we feel less stressed, more relaxed and we somehow are so much kinder to ourselves! Right?

    We tend to sleep in a little longer, start the day in a gentle way with a slow breakfast and without rushing we  become more active. We do things we want to do, for ourselves.

    When holidays end and we have to get back into routines of work, school, sport and all the responsibilities of our lives we return to the business and ‘busyness’!

    Life once more becomes crazy!

    How we start our day often reflects how we mean to continue and if we begin our day rushed, anxious and uptight then we have no hope of feeling calm as we progress toward…lunch time and beyond.

    So here is the deal… Start your day well and the rest of the day will most likely fall into place in a positive way.

    Here’s how! All this to be done before checking your phone, tablet for emails, texts or your Facebook page.


    1. Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee (your drink of choice)
    2. Perhaps light a candle
    3. Sit quietly and breath slowly….. In….Out.
    4. Write in your journal
    5. Read something pleasant
    6. Set an intention for the day ahead/make a goal or affirmation
    7. Gently move the body / yoga stretches etc


    The seven point plan provides suggestions and we all can fill in the gaps as we choose but remember it is the gentleness of the start to the day, the resistance to jumping headlong into work without nurturing ourselves first that is the most important concept to consider.


    I challenge you to give it a go and reap the rewards so you can live well and love every moment.


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  • Posted by Kate Gyngell on January 31, 2017, 10:35 pm

    I feel more relaxed just after reading your 7 point plan. Now, to put it into action. x

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