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    Getting back into our Routines…..after our holidays

    Getting back into our Routines…..after our holidays

    Having holidays and breaks away from our schedules is always something that I encourage and endorse…. we all need a break, right? The problems arise when we are having so much fun and it is  time to come back to work. Re engaging with reality can be struggle. I know that I often get a little unstuck during this long break around Christmas and New year. I loose focus and begin to become a little lazy. My most recent holiday with my Mum and Sister has been so much fun but I know that the line must be drawn in the sand… or snow in my case!

    However, we should not be too hard on ourselves and realise that we are not alone. I have been checking out the self help pages and the following represent a good summary of strategies that I think will help me, so I hope they help you too.

    • Go Gently

    Don’t dive into the deepend and go too hard, too fast. Be gentle with yourself!

    • Make a List

    A to-do-list may help. It helps me to focus and have that list to go back to so I see that progress is being made. Lists will eliminates stress by knowing that essential tasks are not forgotten.

    • Good Habits

    Re-establish good habits –  Your regimes of healthy eating and drinking, your exercise schedule (yoga) what ever that looks like for you is very much a way of creating balance in your life.

    • Sleep

    Get enough sleep – Holidays and late nights get you out of the  rythm of good sleep patterns. So start to get back into your regular cycle and sleep…. it does help.

    • Reflect

    Reflect on your Holiday – As you get back to work it is easy to forget the great trip you had or the time away you had from your work. Why not take some time to feel the joy of the vacation and be grateful for the time you had.

    • Make plans

    Start to make plans for the future –  I find that getting things in the calendar helps me feel I am making some progress and I have a focus again.


    So it is now time to re connect with with life and your regular schedule of work.

    Try and strike the right balance between work and play so you can keep refreshed and up beat into the year ahead.

    And an inspirational quote to consider:

    I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination. —Jimmy Dean

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  • Posted by Helen on February 12, 2018, 11:31 am

    The act of making plans is essential for me, be it the next big adventure or meeting a friend for coffee.

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