• 26 MAR 18
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    Easter! Time to reflect……

    Easter! Time to reflect……

    Easter is fast approaching and the stores are bursting with Chocolate Easter Eggs, Hot Cross Buns and all kinds of festive fare to suit most of us. The message of Easter is one of Renewal and Resurrection and I find it interesting to see all the celebrations around the world when I sit to watch the news during the long weekend. Different rituals, feasts and family time. Some formal and others very informal. There are also images that are confronting and challenging to us here in Australia, sometimes it is easy to look away.  We are so lucky to enjoy a life so much less complicated and compromised by hardships.

    Perhaps the message that resounds for you is one of making a fresh start, manifesting and tapping into your ‘higher self’ or simply remembering that we all have the potential to embrace new opportunities. The sacrifices we make everyday for our loved ones or people close to us is something to consider also. We give to others, we share the resources we have and we are kind….. all wonderful qualities.

    Kindness and  the concept of self-love is one that is not always considered a positive quality but I feel the transformations that  result from being good to yourself (kind to yourself) are quite profound as we navigate our way through our ever busy and hectic life.

    The time you spend with your family and perhaps your friends is far more important than the giving of an Easter Egg…. that is is just the gesture and the ‘offering’.

    No! What is really important is that we have the time to be together and acknowledging how grateful we are to have special people around us who we love.

    Have a wonderful time this long weekend and enjoy your celebrations as you choose to celebrate Easter.


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