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    As I prepare our program for our Day Retreat to be held on Sunday June 3rd, I came to think about the meanings of the word Retreat!

    I consulted the dictionary! The Collins and then my Macquarie (Australian National). The common Thread is the Military sense of Withdrawing troops from battle, retirement of forces from action, setting back from view of the enemy and seeking a place of safety, quiet and privacy.

    The noun retreat means a place you can go to be alone, to get away from it all. A spot under a shady tree might be your favorite retreat from the sun, or your bedroom in the basement may serve as a retreat from your family.

    Of course so much of our English language can be interpreted and used in a variety of ways that slightly alter the meaning or the emphasis.

    In the military sense, the noun retreat means the withdrawal of troops and in a Yogic / Non military sense retreat is a way we withdraw from our regular life and daily responsibilities. We strep back and observe.

    The irony is that our lives are often referred to in military language to illustrate how ‘over loaded’ we become! Battle weary, Battle fatigued, war weary and the like to illustrate how we get a little tired and in need of rest and recreation.

    What I have learnt is Yoga offers us a way to continuously reflect and observe. How we feel, how we respond, how we act and how we approach life with all its complexities. We need to practice self reflection and withdrawal as regularly as possible as part of our yoga practices that may include your meditation strategy…. what ever that is for you.

    It is important to take refuge in a quiet space, in your preferred private place or quite possibly with other people doing the same things. Together on Retreat! That is possible too.

    The most important thing is to realise that we all need to REST, RESTORE and RETREAT to REPLENISH and RENEW.

    Don’t forget our Day Retreat on  Sunday June 3rd.

    I can assure you a very peaceful day ….spent on our Yoga RETREAT!


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  • Posted by Do I need mat etc on June 1, 2018, 10:50 am

    Will I bring mat as have not been to a retreat before.

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  • Posted by Tips for a healthy lifestyle on March 1, 2019, 8:43 pm

    Thanks for Sharing This Info

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  • Posted by kumar sree on August 16, 2019, 9:01 pm

    I have been looking around for this exact information. Thanks for providing detailed and straight to the point topic. It solved my problem. Keep posting more.

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