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    Are you flexible?

    Are you flexible?

    So what is the meaning of this? ‘Am I flexible’

    Well the answer to the question could be Yes and No.

    Of course I think you know where I am going with this and the most common thought about flexibility is that of the body. The flexible young body of a child whose muscles and bones have not yet toughened and the body is free from the effects of holding the tensions of a busy life.

    Flexibility in the body of an adult of course varies considerably and is really something that we continue to strive towards in many physical modalities. We do need however, strength and power in the body. Great Yoga classes provide us with opportunities to improve our body and mind flexibility and strength.

    Let’s consider not the suppleness or strength of the body but the ability of the adult to have flexibility of mind and thought.

    We get caught up in habits, both good and bad. We maintain outdated rituals that make us feel safe and secure and it is the very fear of stepping out of  our comfort zone that can hold us back from wonderful new experiences. This lack of flexibility of mind and thought can stifle our creativity as we look at things in unoriginal ways! I guess you could say that we can get stuck in a rut that is sometimes very hard to get out of.

    So to try and avoid our minds becoming rigid and stiff we must step back and refuel…. take time to reflect, but return with a freshness that will provide us with that feeling of actually having had time away, just like a holiday.  There is no point of a holiday if you come back feeling no better than when you left. Yes, we must return feeling uplifted and clear, almost detoxed!

    Can this be possible? We must make it possible, or we will find ourselves feeling very, very stiff and sore.

    But, I leave you with this quote:

    “…..flexibility means moving with the times, slipping though life as gently and strongly as possible. And above all, making all problems into teachers” Anthea Church: Eternity Ink


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