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    Freeing your Thoughts.

    Freeing your Thoughts.

    Within the depths of our own thinking we can find freedom.  You can take on a challenge of identifying the quality of your thinking and free yourself from the habits that surround your inner dwellings.

    Thoughts can become restrictive and habitual and it is easy to become anxious when the same patterns of thought are not of a positive nature.
    Freeing our thoughts from habit is a challenging quest and very frustrating but in my wider reading (Learn to Relax: ease tension, conquer stress, free the self. Mike George)  it is suggested that the first steps are to become aware of your thoughts.
    When we are afraid of something we give it ‘life’ in our mind.
    The less fearful we are the less we have to fear.

    To bring order into our chaotic mind it is useful to identify the
    4 levels of thinking.

    Negative Thoughts: (lowest) Critical, angry, fearful, egotistical and lazy. This type of thinking breeds only sadness.

    Wasteful Thoughts: Brooding and dwelling over the past. Worrying about what could have been and on things that are out of our control.

    Necessary Thoughts: the day to day thoughts that help us navigate our lives. ‘ I need to go shopping ‘, ‘ I need to pickup the kids from school’, ‘the car needs petrol’

    Positive Thoughts: (highest) “Yes, I can do that’,  Positive ways of thinking breed peacefulness, love, creativity, harmony and happiness.


    In this world where the self help pages are bursting with ‘gems’ of wisdom and advice on how best to live our lives, it is so easy to simply glaze over to another self help article.
    Perhaps the take away from this short article is that our thinking is central to creating a life with less anxiety and stress. 
    Think Positive: Be Positive: Live Positive.

    Be aware of your thoughts and when the habitual ways of negative thinking prevail choose to elevate your thinking and create inner stillness.

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