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    Contemplating Aimlessness

    Contemplating Aimlessness


    Means not chasing, searching or looking for that next object of focus. Nothing to be running after or set our desires upon.

    Does this mean that being aimless we have no goals?

    Reflect on that for a moment…… As I did after considering the concept of aimlessness.

    You might recall your parents or teachers saying “ don’t sit there aimlessly pondering”….”get moving, hurry up”!!  Was that your experience?

    As a child I was a quick mover and I got jobs done but there was always an element of a dream like state that could be viewed as an aimlessness as I was not always searching out the next agenda or goal. I was just being in the present moment…( I did not know that then).

    But was this ‘aimlessness’ simply a sign of happiness and contentment?  I think it was, and that is a good thing.

    Buddhist Monk, Thich Nhat Hanh says ‘this happiness is available right in the present moment. We already are what we want to become’.

    He goes on to explain the concept of the ‘wave who goes out to get in touch with the vastness of water’ and realises that water is already her true nature. Water is the waves very substance.

    No need to keep searching out for more because everything we need is already surrounding us! Awesome thought…. just love this.

    ‘Contemplating aimlessness helps us be able to stop our rushing around and experience a sense of contentment and joy’.

    Philosophical pondering is  so interesting and none more than the concept of contentment, happiness and present moment awareness.

    My learning continues.

    This great book for your reading list:

    Peace is Every Breath: Thich Nhat Hanh


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