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    Silence is Golden

    Silence is Golden

    This morning I came across an article that suggested that Silence is good for the brain and as we are so connected these days and ‘Wired for Sound’ it is no surprise that there is a huge feeling of Overwhelm as we navigate our daily lives. Read the link below to the article, it is a great read. 

    As I ponder this further, the sounds that we hear are not necessarily the noises of everyday activity such as traffic, music, dogs barking etc but also the sounds inside our own head. The continued inner conversations that we have with ourselves. So the external sounds and the internal sounds, some we can control and some we cannot! Ahhhh life is so complicated!

    To reap the benefits of silence we first have to listen! We need to learn how to practise silence, to help us step back and become an observer. It is then within the stillness and the quiet that we can really hear how loud everything is around us.

    So perhaps taking time each and everyday to be still, quiet and just listen we can reap those benefits,cited in the article, of Silence.


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    This man with memory problems feels a little guilty for the realisation that this question brings to him!
    Yes, silence can indeed be golden at times. Especially at times when life is stressful it can often be a wonderful relief to take oneself out of the hustle-bustle of your day, and simply sit in silence and try to clear your mind of thoughts for a while

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