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    Find Yoga that works for YOU!

    How do you find the right Yoga class that works for you?

    In the community today we find an abundance of Yoga offerings and classes we are simply spoiled for choice. It can be very challenging to know what will suit you and it can be confusing to know where to start.

    I  offer some tips that I have found to be the most important things I look out for when I am attending a yoga class ( outside our studio). I hope it might help.


    Is the location right for you?

    Travelling time is important, if you are driving, training or walking too far then you will not keep it up.

    It is the consistency of the Yoga practice that brings you the most benefit so firstly look local.


    Select the right class – What are your goals?

    You might be thinking Ahhhh! I am over the word goal, and I agree,  but you need to understand that if you have in mind the ‘why’ of your yoga enquiry you are will more likely  find the right place to roll out the mat. So what that might mean is ask yourself these questions.

    • What style of Yoga
    • What do you want to accomplish – health, weight loss,strength, flexibility, relaxation and  less stress. NB: a well planned yoga class will give you all these benefits and much more.
    • When do you want to practice ( times)
    • How many classes per week

    Knowing some of the answers to these questions will get you started to at least finding the right place that offers what you might be looking for.


    What are the instructors like?

    Once you have arrived and have got yourself into a class, how do you feel about the yoga instructors? Do you feel at ease and able to approach and ask questions. Are you comfortable and able to ‘feel’ your way into the practice without any performance anxiety? Is the teaching style, setting the tone of the class and is this followed through from start to finish?

    Are you feeling welcomed and in a safe space to just go at a pace that is right for you? Does the instructor offer options and modifications for your special needs?

    Are you offered props such as straps, blankets, blocks and bolsters to support you during the class as required?


    How is the physical environment?

    There are so many studios around today it can be a little overwhelming. Sometimes the glitzy glamorous studios feel a little sterile and impersonal so do not discount the smaller yoga studios that are often hidden and not in your face.  Yoga began in Australia in the community centers and church halls…. we are still in that community space! We love it!                                                                  The right place to practice yoga is very individual. There is something for everybody, there is no doubt.


    What are the fellow students like?

    If you turn up to your first yoga class and feel relaxed and welcomed by other students as well as the instructor that is a bonus worth remembering. There is something really fantastic about yoga students:  they are caring, kind and authentic and when you find yourself connecting with the others in the group  you will not only enjoy the yoga class but also the sense of connection with your fellow students. That is very motivating.



    Finding a class that’s comfortable for you and that meets your physical, mental and spiritual needs is what matters most.

    Hope to see you soon, in our yoga space!



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  • Posted by Libbie Brice on January 31, 2019, 2:34 pm

    I attended a Yin Yoga class with my daughter I think late November last year & really enjoyed it!
    Are you running same this year or something similar?
    For many years I did Iyengar at Hornsby but with a few more years on board I liked the pace of Yin Yoga!!
    Thank you for yr time
    Kind Regards

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  • Posted by do my coursework for me on February 23, 2019, 11:37 pm

    Yoga benefits the brain, body and spirit. Yoga will help tone your body however while it’s doing that, it additionally encourages you to be really at the time and mixes your soul with positive vitality. A gym exercise is centered basically around improving your body’s physical condition.

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  • Posted by mandala yoga on April 7, 2019, 9:44 am

    Thank you for this great article i think It’s important for a student to find yoga that she resonates with.

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