• 06 JAN 19
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    Keep the feeling of Freedom

    Keep the feeling of Freedom

    This week most of us begin to cruise our way back to the workplace and start the working year. Of course many people in various occupations in hospitality, tourism and all things entertainment etc…have been working hard though out, so we can enjoy the fun and freedom of our holiday. I say, Thank you so much!

    I hope the holidays have been a great time to reboot, and enjoy valuable time in unstructured pursuits and I also hope that you can keep some of this freedom for a little longer.  Tap into your own skills and find creative ways to continue  doing ‘stuff’ that you like… just for you.

    Make space for yourself to keep the vacation vibe.

    Take that walk along the beach, that little extra time reading your book or a little yoga nidra or quiet time reflecting. What makes you feel happy, uplifted and free? Can you keep that carefree feeling into the year ahead? Yes of course you can. Its all about practicing and making a dedicated time for you. Put a memo in your diary and follow it through.

    We will support you though out the year with Yoga classes, our meditation courses,  blog posts, Facebook articles, tips and tricks.

    So see you in classes this week as we begin January Holiday Yoga.

    Classes Wed 10am and 6:30pm and Fridays 10am




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