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    Setting Intentions for 2019?

    Setting Intentions for 2019?

    Welcome to the New Year. How quickly time turns over the pages of the calendar and we hurtle forward into another year.

    I hope you have all enjoyed the season of Celebrations and holidays. Perhaps you are still away on a well deserved break, as I am!

    A very quick note about the practice of Resolutions that are often made at the start of a new year.

    Do you make them?

    I don’t as a general rule as I find that it sets me up with more pressure than I find useful and then suffer a little ‘performance anxiety’ if it goes a bit off track. However, I think what ever works for you is the best approach.

    I will personally be stepping back and take a little time to reflect on the year that has been. Highs, lows, challenges, Joys, and everything in between….Personally and professionally…. it is good to look back to simply take stock.

    As I said I tend not to set any new resolutions for the year ahead, but simply set an intention as I do everyday to make as many opportunities as I can to find inner peacefulness and stillness. In a life that is exceptionally busy this is important for us all.

    So, in 2019 I hope you will join me in finding joy in the simple moments and to  ‘tap’ in to our potential to be  truly Peaceful!

    Seeing you soon, in Yoga Classes perhaps in our holiday program starting Jan 9th.




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    I am hoping you have got all enjoyed the season of Celebrations and holidays. I can in my opinion be stepping again and take a touch time to mirror on the months that has been. I suppose what ever works for you is the best approach. In a lifestyles this is exceedingly busy that is vital for us all.

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