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    Keeping strong and Confident: Yoga for Healthy Aging.

    Keeping strong and Confident: Yoga for Healthy Aging.

    There is a turning tide and a fantastic shift in the community as we consider what it means to be a senior. The images in the past of the stereotypical Grandmother sitting in a rocking chair have long gone and today to be a senior is a phase of life where we can honour the wisdom, confidence and strength built over a lifetime of experiences.

    To keep the body and mind healthy, at any age, we should stay actively involved in pursuits that are enjoyable. The community of friends, colleagues and social groups avoid isolation and loneliness and allow the networks to remain open…. Great for the mind! Great for maintaining a purpose!

    For the body, we must stay strong to remain confident. A daily walk is excellent! Even if it is around the big shopping centres (in the cooler air conditioning). As we age it is important to keep the bones strong and weight bearing exercise is also good. Yoga is excellent for this because we use the weight of the body for resistance during various held body postures.  No machines required. We keep ankles and legs strong which protects us from losing our balance ( avoiding falls) and as a result maintaining confidence.

    Yoga is excellent to learn how to relax and stay calm and peaceful (life is stressful)  through the many mindfulness practices that are offered during a class. Learning to breath is central to everything we do and keeping the lungs strong will be one outcome to keep you energised. Breath in  –  Breath out! Repeat!

    So, why not give Yoga a try? Non- Competitive, Men and Women, Safe and achievable. Yoga is for everybody! Our Senior Yoga Teacher Margaret North is in fact 80 years old and a fabulous example of what it is to be a new age Elder!

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