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    Grounded, Connected & Gravity

    Grounded, Connected & Gravity

    I have been dipping in and out of a new book ( Principles and Themes in Yoga Therapy by James Faulkes ) that is inspiring my yoga teaching and preparation.  The Themes in this book have recently been  helping me create my Friday Slow Yoga Class and I am happy to share my recent class theme….Gravity and Groundedness.

    Gravity is the force that holds us and the universe in its place.
    Our bodies are affected by gravity each moment of our lives, and yet, with awareness we work within the restrictions of this powerful force.

    “We just surrender to gravity”

    The awareness we have of gravity allows us to observe the sense of feeling “grounded” and “connected”.

    I think about being “grounded” like the feeling of coming “home” after a long trip away….allowing the gravity that connects us to the earth and feel “in touch” and in the present moment.

    “We are grounded”

    When life throws us a  curved ball that brings changes….just like the seasons, we adapt, we accept, we put on another jumper and we embrace  the changes and allow the downward force of nature (gravity) to hold us

    “We are supported”

    So can you skilfully keep your awareness on the body and the present moment as we observe ourselves taking on the ever present challenge of Balance.

    “We are one”

    When we practice Yoga remember the benefits will be further enhanced with the absolute focus of the breath, the body in space (how it feels) and your ever present consciousness.

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