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    Try This Practice for Making Space

    Try This Practice for Making Space

    As we wander through our lives and collect all the experience…the ups and downs and interesting travels, conversations, meals, jobs … the everyday things.

    It is good to take a little quiet reflection and simply unravel.

    I came across this great poem and it resonated with me and very much useful for us who seek to make space.

    Perhaps you might enjoy it too.


    Making Space

    Take a moment to gather yourself here.
    Let your body land on the ground.
    Let your breath arrive in your body.
    Let your mind rest on your breath in your body.
    Here, now.
    Welcome the breath with a receptive belly.
    Your breath will gently unravel the tension it meets.
    Your breath will tenderly expand you inside.
    Allow your breath to unwind you,
    unfurl you.
    Let yourself be opened by your breath.
    Allow your breath to rise and fall.
    Let it flow in and out of you,
    on its own,
    softening everything in its path.
    Expanding you.
    You’re bigger than you think you are.

    Adapted from the book, Deep Listening, by Jillian Pransky.

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  • Posted by Robyn Davies on May 29, 2019, 8:43 am

    Lovely to read this poem over breakfasts!

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