• 02 MAY 19
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    Slow Yoga! Not new to us….

    Slow Yoga! Not new to us….

    When I was reading one of the many articles, posts and publications recently that made the statement that Slow Yoga is now the latest trend in all things Yoga….. I said to my colleagues

    “Finally, we are in fashion” as we have been practicing and teaching mostly in this style for as long as I can remember.

    Mindful, slow and breath aware Yoga Practices are coming to the attention of many seekers of yoga to help combat stress. As far as we are concerned it is the approach that we have considered the most useful to help everyone continue to get to the yoga mat consistently, safely and with no residual pain or injury.

    Mindful yoga, slow yoga, whatever label you want to attach to it is certainly not new, but I am so pleased that finally the general yoga community and those ‘fashion’ conscious practitioners are checking it out.

    ‘Slow is the new Advanced’  a phrase  I heard recently on J. Browns Podcast, a New York Yoga Teacher and a more recent devotee of all things SLOW. Fabulous to finally see that the world is catching up with us here in Pymble! Hahahah.

    Cathy, Rita, Lynne and Myself are all heading off to a weekend workshop this month with the above mentioned J. Brown to see what his ‘slant’ is on the Slow Yoga Revolution. We will of course share with you in class.

    So this is the thing, the many ‘morphings’ of Yoga including the fads the silly gimmicks, the dangling from ropes, the fusions, the fashions the hot and the cold …..etc Yoga is Yoga!

    Authentic Yoga is holistic in its approach, it is Mindful, breath aware, body aware, it includes so much more than the body positions.

    Yoga is lifelong enquiry, along with much philosophy and continuous learning to be had,  to assist in finding our most stress free ways of living life.







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