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    Feeling Connections while Observing Change.

    Feeling Connections while Observing Change.

    The simple meaning of the word Yoga is “to yoke”, to join together, to unify. This speaks to the ability we have to connect.

    We can connect with others, the people we work with, spend time with – Family, friends, loved ones, even our pets.

    But we must learn to connect with ourselves. Awaken the awareness of who we are and how we feel.


    Physical connection- Body Awareness

    Energetic connection – Energy Awareness

    Emotional connection – Inner Awareness

    We observe the transitions and transformations at different times of the year and consider how fluctuating seasons can very much affect the way we feel.


    Observe the subtle shifts

    Use all senses to observe.

    Your sense of touch – body and the floor, clothes on skin, feet on the earth

    Your sense of smell – breath in-out

    Your sense of sight – What do you see outwardly and also gazing inwards

    Your sense of taste – taste the flavours of life as well as that of our palate.


    We Make connections to the Body, Breath, Mind and our true nature – our consciousness.

    During any Transition and Transformation we must be gentle with ourselves – Accept.

    Become the tree shedding its leaves.

    Watch the leaves dry, change colour and then let them drop!

    Let the leaves softly float to the earth!

    Let Go!

    We then evolve towards something new and fresh……

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