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    Transformational Breathing: A Meditation.

    Transformational Breathing: A Meditation.

    As we navigate each and everyday during all kinds of life situations, our breath just keeps on doing its “thing” automatically, without even thinking about it!

    If  we are unwell our breathing changes and so the way we breath is often the indicator of health generally. My father was an asthmatic and so for him, until he became physically fit and started to strengthen his lungs, breathing was a challenge.

    But even in good general health our breathing shifts depending on what we are doing physically  or how we are feeling emotionally.

    When we are stressed and anxious our breathing increases in pace, decreases in depth and we feel out of sync (balance).

    When we are relaxed and calm our breathing softens, calms and the becomes long, slow and free. We feel good.


    Sit or lie down and let’s allow the breath to transform us.

    Consider your  breath like  a river, flowing freely or perhaps view  the breath like the tidal flow of the ocean, moving in and out.

    Allow your breath to be natural and easy. Be aware of the rhythm of this breath. Where is it moving too?  Do you feel restricted? Is it shallow or deep? What is the texture of the breath?

    Become an observer.

    Notice everything about it and move your attention away from the sounds and distractions of everything else. ( with practice this becomes easier)

    As we expand our breathing and begin to breath more diaphragmatically   Learn More  we can not only acquire the wonderful health benefits ( see the link) but we begin to relax and release the tension and holding in our body.

    As we begin to expand our inhalation let it move into the spaces in our body that feel blocked, restricted and tight. As we exhale,allow the body to feel the peaceful shift of holding to that of releasing and letting go. We allow the exhalation to be just like the tidal flow of the ocean receding  or that of the gentle flow of the river. Just go with it!


    Attune to your body Intelligence.

    We really do have the power to transform by: 

    Taking the awareness to the Breath

    Accept with wonder and without judgments (everything)

    Allow the shifts and transformational quality of the breath to evolve.

    Let go of your ego mind….the part of your mind that is resistant to change.

    Let go of the mindset to control or stay in control

    Be with life’s changes and accept what is. We can never orchestrate our lives entirely so the future is uncertain.

    Now let go of everything that is getting in the way of your Peace of mind.


    Join us for Regular Yoga Classes where the focus is always on the breath!





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